"End-Times Prophecy" Class with Pastor Mick

(Spring - Summer 2020)

Pastor Mick's series of studies on Biblical Prophecy and the Last Days.  Mick takes us on a Biblical tour that includes such topics as The Tribulation, The Great Tribulation, The Antichrist, The Rapture, The Second Coming of Christ, The Wrath of God, The Mark of the Beast ... and many other things. 

This Live Stream / Video study began during the COVID-19 crisis and initially was done online only, until the church was again opened to in-person meetings.  Upon reopening the church, Mick led a review (Study 09) on our first meeting open to welcome returning attenders.  

Thus, we recommend, especially if you're not watching from the beginning, that you first watch the 19 minute "Study 09 - Review" to help provide a basic foundation upon which to further build a Biblical End-Times Chronology.

Part One - Daniel's & Jesus' Prophecies of "The Tribulation" and Coming "Antichrist"

Study 01 - "The Ultimate Absolute of History  - JESUS IS COMING AGAIN"

Study 02 - "An Overview of Daniel's 'Seventy Weeks' Prophecy"

Study 03 - "Daniel's Prophecies [ch. 2 & 7] Of Man's Composite History"

Study 04 - "A Closer Look at Dan's 70th Week, Anti-christ & Great Tribulation"

Study 05 - "The Coming Anti-christ - His Character & Kingdom"

Study 06 - "Distinct Phases of The Coming 7-Year 'Tribulation' Period"

Study 07 - "Matthew 24 - Jesus' Signs of the End - Part 1"

Study 08 - "Matthew. 24 - Jesus' Signs of the End - Part 2"

Study 09 - "A Review of the Tribulation Week Highlights"

Part Two - The Book of Revelation's SEVEN SEALS in relation to "The 7-yr Tribulation" 

Study 10 - "Rev. 4-5 - A Heavehly Scene Introduction to the Seven Seals"

Study 11- "The First 4 Seals of Revelation 6 - Antichrist's Declining Peace"

Study 12 - "The 5th & 6th Seals - A Question and A Dreadfully Solemn Announcement"

Study 13 - "The Amazing Heavenly Scene Just Before the 7th Seal" - Revelation 7

Study 14 - "The 7th Seal Intro's 'The Day of The Lord' Judgment of God - Rev. 8:1"

Part Three - The Rapture of the Church: What, Why, and When 

Study 15 - "Let's Talk About 'RAPTURE' - pt. 1 - The What, Why, & A Little About When"

Study 16 - "RAPTURE - PreTrib vs PreWrath Views, pt. 1

Study 17 - "RAPTURE - PreTrib vs PreWrath Views, pt. 2

Coming Soon

Part Four - The Book of Revelation's SEVEN TRUMPET JUDGMENTS & the "Day of The Lord" in relation to "The 7-yr Tribulation" 

Study 18 - "Rev. 8:1ff - The Seven Trumpet Judgments Begin"  Coming Soon

Study 19 - TBD - Coming Soon

Study 20 - TBD - Coming Soon