Discipleship Resources

Disciples are followers of Christ.  Disciples learn what the Bible has to say, but that's not what makes one a disciple.  In the "Great Commission", Jesus didn't say to "teach them all things that I have taught you", but to "teach them to observe (i.e., to obey) all things I have taught you."  Obedience.  Living it out.  That's being a follower.  Being and helping others become "doers of the Word, not just hearers only ..." is what our desire is.


To that end, we offer some of our most popular Discipleship resources to help you become a fully devoted follower of our Lord.


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This Twelve Lesson, self-paced, read-and-fill in the blanks format was originally developed by Pastor Mick and the missionary team he was a part of in Venezuela.  It has been reworked and revised a few times over the years.  It's focus is to learn some of the key biblical things that authentic disciples are called to do and to be.   Pastor Mick calls it "Obedience-Oriented Education".


Click here to access a PDF copy of the entire printable study.

This booklet is Pastor Mick's most popular mini-study, and is great for anyone seeking a simple biblical explanation to what "the Gospel" really is.  We make it available to all our visitors and other ministries have also used it for distribution in jail and other outreaches.  It's also a great resource for those who tend to trust in being good enough to make it to Heaven on their own.  In it, Pastor Mick explains in a simple and down-to-earth way the utterly profound work of Christ to make us "perfect", and thus qualified to dwell in the perfect Heaven with the perfect God forever.


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This is another mini-study booklet by Pastor Mick.  It  deals basic theological and practical questions on water baptism.  After an introductory section entitled, "Baptism & Pickles",  Mick takes us on a journey that walks through the beauty of Baptism as a means of celebrating our relationship with God through Christ, and of celebrating our dedication to Him.  He then answers some questions including:  "Who Should Be Baptized?";  "Do I Need To Be Baptized To Be Saved?";  "What About Re-Baptism?";  and "What To Expect After I'm Baptized". 


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This is a 12-part audio study recorded live from our 2015 "Foundations" class offered to give disciples a basic doctrinal foundation of key Biblical teaching.  The class is divided into three sections, with four sessions each.  Each section is led by three different teachers, including Pastor Mick and two retired Pastors that were a part of our congregation while in Blythe - Pastor Van Savell (now in Louisiana), and Pastor Paul Roberts (now in Heaven with our Lord).  


Each Section contains four individual classes.  Click here to see the sections, the specific classes, and to access the individual audio files of each study.

These articles are brief Biblical perspectives of pertinent issues, taken from Pastor Mick's notes and studies.  They are  available at the church in our brochure "Info Rack".  The three most popular ones are made available in PDF format here on our site.  To open a PDF copy, click on the title below.


"The General Nature of Spiritual Gifts"

"Specific Spiritual Gifts"

"Effective Master Grumbling Takes Discipline"  (A tongue-in-cheek look at how to become good at grumbling)