Thank you for supporting of the ministry of Calvary Chapel Blythe.  We have always believed that, "where God guides, God provides."  And we have seen His faithfulness to do just that through our 25 years as a church, as He has stirs hearts to give. 


We offer the following four methods that you can use to share financially with us.



You can access online giving through our website or even thru our App.  You will need to link a bank account or credit card to link to your gift.  

Simply click on the button below to initiate the process.


FYI, when you give by credit card, there is an apx. 1.9% processing fee the church pays.  This isn't meant to discourage this method, but simply FYI.



Text giving is essentially the same as online giving, but even simpler once it's set up.  It is directly linked to our online giving platform.  

Simply send a text with your gift amount to 



The first time you do it, it will text back with a link for you to set up the "pay from account".  Once that is set up, simply text the number with an amount when you want to give, and they will respond immediately with a text receipt.



You can send a personal check to the church office at

PO BOX 1102, BLYTHE, CA  92226.  

Or, if you use your your online Bank Bill-Pay, you can also set the church up as a Bill Payee and they will cut a check.  It will here in about 5 days.  If you do that, you may have to enter an "account number" in the Payee info.  You can use your last name for that.



Of course you can always give when you come to church to worship with us.  

Or, you can stop by the office to drop off a check  or cash.  Giving envelopes are also available in the sanctuary and in the office.  If no one is in the office, you can deposit it in the locked mailbox by the Spring Street entrance (145 N Spring St., Blythe, CA  92226).

During the COVID-19 service disruptions, please use one of the other methods, or drop in the mailbox.