Our Vision & Purpose at 

Calvary Blythe

Our vision effects and influences everything we do.  We believe that all Christians, not just the staff or the leaders, are to be the ministers in the church and to the world.  That's our VISION, each person equipped, functioning and serving creates a family that is strong and "other-focused".  Our PURPOSE is to equip Christians and mobilize them to serve.

One of our favorite illustrations of the effective church is that it's like a Hospital.  The wounded, broken, and discouraged come and find healing ... and then become the next wave of doctors and nurses to treat more wounded and broken that come it.  What a simple, yet profound model for "church".

Below is our Formal statement of Purpose, followed by some clarifying statements about it ...

"Calvary Chapel Blythe exists to equip God's people for works of service, 

through teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer, and praising God"

(Eph. 4:12-13; Acts 2:42, 47)

teaching ...

Teaching in both our large and small group gatherings is characterized by God’s Word expressed in clear, everyday language, stressing practical application.  Teaching the Bible is a major focus of our services and our overall ministry.  You will find it prominent in almost all of what we do,

fellowship ...

Fellowship is a partnership in the Holy Spirit, and is a result of people committing themselves to real love, understanding, and acceptance of each other.  It is a natural sharing in both the ministry of the church and in the lives of one another.  At it's core, true fellowship humbly recognizes that we are all of precious value to God, and in Him, no basis for rivalry or opposition exists.

breaking of bread ...

Breaking of Bread is remembering the death and promises of the Lord Jesus as we share Communion, or eat together in each other’s homes, or even as we share time over “cups of coffee” in a restaurant

prayer ...

Prayer is talking with, and listening to God, and expressing our dependence on Him.  We encourage the sick to ask the Church leaders to anoint with oil and pray for them.  We teach Christians to pray regularly with, and for, each other and in private, personal time with God

praising god

Praise is ascribing and expressing worth to the Father for who He is and for His graciousness to us; to Jesus for his sacrifice for us; and to the Holy Spirit for His work in us. This takes various forms including singing, verbal expression, applause, lifting hands, kneeling, and offering our lives for service.



our location

145 North Spring Street, Blythe, CA 92225

Mail to: PO Box 1102, Blythe, CA 92226

T. 760-922-9675