1994 - 2019

November 17, 2019 marked the celebration of our first 25 years.  The building was virtually max-ed out with around 230 in attendance.  We welcomed several who had been a part of our congregation in the early years and had traveled a distance to be with us, and several more by video.  The service included worship lead from early Deacon Rollin VanGorder, and dear friend James Dunson from Surprise, AZ.  Several gave brief testimony of how God had used Calvary Blythe to encourage, refresh, and equip in their lives and current ministries - both here in Blythe as well as in other places where God has led them.


Special Touch performances by Calvary Kids with a super-cute skit of Mick and Jan's first trip to Blythe in 1994, by a couple of our young Calvary dancers with an astounding original performance to "This Is Amazing Love", and vocal performances by Frank Hawley, one of our early guys, an original Hip-Hop song written for the occasion and performed by our own Jake Johnson and his kids, and a special greeting by our Blythe Mayor Dale Reynolds - all added to the celebration.  Pastor Mick concluded the celebration with his much-anticipated "Special Announcement" of something new in Calvary Blythe's future (you'll have to watch the video).


All in all, it was a wonderful service looking at God's Faithfulness in the past, in the present, and renewed vision for the future of our church and ministry.  We praise God for a quarter century of His Goodness and Faithfulness to and through us as a church ... and we look forward to His continued blessings in the future!  All Glory To Him!!

Here are a couple of poems written by Diana Hall, one of our long time members, to celebrate our Anniversary.  The first is written from a personal perspective of how God has touched her life through our church family.  The other is a fun reminder of how God has worked in the life of Pastor Mick.  THANKS DIANA!!  Enjoy ...

"Silver and gold have i none"

Silver and gold I have none,  but what I have is our Lord Jesus, God’s only Son.

What I bring is He who reigns, and what you receive, is what was, and Is, and Is the same.

Jesus my Savior - a new life begun, how He departed is how He will come.

Your sins are forgiven, your path is made new, what will be measured is what gold will prove.

Did you feed the poor?  Did you mourn the lost?  Did you kneel in prayer at the foot of the cross?

Did you go thru the earth preaching in Jesus’ name?  Do you look towards the heavens, to the One who does reign?

Oh what a marvelous Father we have, who searches for you!  I am here Lord!  You've made me brand new!

You will direct me to what I should do.  I'll stay the course because the laborers are few.

Don’t grow weary in following the way, and don’t be disheartened.  He will hear you when you pray.

Be filled with the Spirit, Christ's Kingdom will come,  share the love He gives, His will be done.

DSH 11/21/19

"25 years for you"

Silver and gold I have none, and from this small town did I run.

I thanked God He didn’t call me here,  but my prayers must have fallen on God's challenged ears.

God turned my "thanksgiving" to an invitation to break bread in Blythe, so I came with my children, and beautiful wife.

What I have is God’s calling, and His Only Son, so I came with His Word to this small valley of sun.

We met in small places, and in church buildings too.  Our Easters we celebrate at our local high school.

We say all are welcomed to join in, and they do.  We base our love always, on what would Jesus do.

Jesus brought people from near and from far.  He brought healing and unity to many with scars.

We came preaching in Jesus’ name, looking towards the heavens to the One who truly reigns.

God says stay the course as the laborers are few.

Thru a cell-group in Utah, we bring God’s Word too.

We will not grow weary, and wont be dismayed,  We know God will hear us each time that we pray.

"Twenty five years as a Pastor for you."  So, I'll be filled with the Spirit ... and Krispy Kreme too!

DSH 11/21/19

Click below to see the video highlights of our celebration!!

PART 1 - (32 min) Begins with a taste of the opening worship, then a special Kids skit depicting Mick and Jan's very first trip out to Blythe in 1994.  Following are words from our first home-grown missionaries, Terry and Cyndi Cirre, and long time member Carole Valentine.  Early member Frank Hawley shares a special song, then more sharing from long-time members Nancy Currier and PJ Johnson.

PART 2 - (28 min) Continues with a special Interpretive Praise Dance, followed by special sharing by long-time members Ken Jones and Shelli Nasca.  Then an original Hip Hop song written for the occasion by Jake Johnson, followed by words from Blythe Mayor Dale Reynolds, and sharing from Michael Herber, a leader from 1994 - our very first year in Blythe.

PART 3 - (16 min.) Our 25th Anniversary Service concludes with Pastor Mick's sharing his much anticipated and somewhat surprising, "Very Special Announcement".  The service concludes with final worship led by special guests and good friends James Dunson and his daughter Malyssa from Surprise, AZ.

25th Anniversary Testimonial Video - (13 min)

Included in our Silver Anniversary Service was a special video compilation of submitted memories from several who had been a part of Calvary Blythe throughout the years and now living elsewhere;  Also includes special thoughts from Mick's pastor of 30+ years, and from his first ever youth pastor about 50 years ago.