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WORSHIP CENTER IS OPEN! - We officially reopened our sanctuary and our ministry on "Pentecost Sunday", May 31, 2020.  We are excited to again see several spread-out in our Sanctuary and in our Manna Cabana watching our stream on large TVs.  Sunday service is held at 9:45 - 10:45 AM.  Facebook Live of our Sunday services and many weekly ministries will continue as well.  Click Here to see Pastor's 09-24-2020 brief update video!

KID'S MINISTRY IS OPEN! - at the same time as the Worship Service in the Sanctuary.  NOTE: Only children 4 yrs thru 6th grade will be able to attend our Kid's Ministry.  At present, younger children will stay with parents in the Manna Cabana.

Our current Weekly schedule includes Sunday Morning Service and Kid's Chapel (as noted above), as well as a MIDWEEK Ladies' Bible Study Wednesday at 9:00 AM & Thursday at 6:00 PM.  Pastor's "End-Times Prophecy" study is Wednesdays at 6:00 PM.  Recovery ministry is Thursday at 6:00 PM.   CLICK HERE to see our FULL REVISED MINISTRY SCHEDULE

This Week - Sunday Teaching

10-25-2020. Paul #02 - "Who Art Thou Lord?".  Pastor Mick shares the 2nd in the Paul series highlighting the amazing influence of the Apostle in the first century and beyond.  This study focuses on Seven clear and astounding declarations of who Jesus was and is, answering the question more thoroughly that Paul asked the Lord back in the moment of his conversion.

Last Week - Sunday Teaching

10-18-2020.  "A Time For Everything Under Heaven ... Even Voting?!"   Pastor Mick shares about being citizens both of Heaven and of the USA, and the opportunity that is afforded us of promoting that which is valued by God  via voting.  He shares main party platform statements on 4 key and controversial subjects that directly affect the openness to share and advance the gospel. 

upcoming Special events



Oct. 31 in the Main St. Parking Lot


This is a special event for families and children.    Children are to be accompanied by parent or guardian.  This is NOT a "drop-off" event.

Children are invited to come in costume.  Evil / Horror costumes are strongly discouraged.  Get creative and get ready to enjoy some fun with us.  If you'd like to decorate your vehicle or can donate some candy to be distributed, please contact the church office.

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About Calvary blythe


Calvary Chapel of Blythe began in the summer of 1994 as a small home fellowship of eight people as an outreach of Calvary Chapel of Indio. Pastor Mick Catron, the Assistant Pastor at Indio, along with his wife Jan, commuted to Blythe for weekly Bible studies. 


Over the summer, the group outgrew the home...



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145 North Spring Street, Blythe, CA 92225

Mail to: PO Box 1102, Blythe, CA 92226

T. 760-922-9675